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Park Image We greatly miss our Miss Molly, forever 5 1/2. Our lady was a stage 4 neuroblastoma fighter for nearly 3 years. She endured 6 rounds of inpatient chemo, stem cell transplant, radiation....only to relapse and do it all over again followed by antibody therapy ! Despite all that Mol still enjoyed a very joyful life. Molly loved tea parties, playing at the park, baking, bossing her boys and was always up for adventures with her Bunny. Thank you for supporting this wonderful organization that sponsors an educational/supportive conference for NB families as well as funding for NB research. We pray someday all little cancer fighter will be cancer survivors with a cure discovered.

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  • 2/3/2012 - Quynh & David Gibney donated to this park.
    Dear Dan & Michelle, I met you at the Angel group in 2008. We hope that our angle Christopher can have a playdate with Molly in her park. He really loves slides. Our daughter was born February 9, 2009. She really loves "Hello Kitty" anf "Thomas and Friends". We hope that you can meet her sometime. With Loving Kindness, Quynh & David Gibney
  • 12/22/2011 - cavera boys donated to this park.
    we miss you mol love mom & dad and you boys...andy,noah & oe